The Story

In early 2004, thousands of people chanted as they marched the streets of Iraq to celebrate a religious holiday. Hiding amongst the revelers, however, were three suicide bombers. The destructive explosives and ammunition strapped to their bodies detonated, and the scene erupted into bloody chaos.

The U.S. Army First Cavalry Division physician and a handful of fellow medics rushed to care for the remaining survivors amidst the hundreds of people lying in the streets. As the only physician on the scene, he knew he alone could not treat hundreds of casualties bleeding out in the streets. For a moment the world moved in slow motion as the young doctor looked at a sea of broken and lifeless bodies, and wondered how he would be able to treat everyone.

The 'Aha' Moment

Assessing the scene again and again as he treated each patient, the physician realized the ripple effect of having trained the medics. His teammates were functioning autonomously, tying tourniquets to stop bleeding and establishing airway devices to save lives. In this life-changing moment the young physician realized how many more people can be helped simply through education, and he was able to see the multiplier effect. By educating others, he extended his medical knowledge to help the people he was unable to treat in the religious holiday disaster on the streets of Iraq. The medics he trained in treating injuries and handling a trauma situation were treating people on their own, thus allowing him to reach those who needed care only a physician could provide. Through education, one person can reach hundreds of people.

The Mission

Dr. Sudip Bose received The Bronze Star for his meritorious service in Iraq. He served one of the longest combat deployments by a physician since World War II, and is well-known for having treated Saddam Hussein. After his deployment, Dr. Bose decided to take his unique experience as a physician and war veteran to help others, with the belief that without our health, we cannot pursue our American dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Dr. Bose started to not only advocate for veterans, but also educate the public on health care.

Dr. Bose saw firsthand how soldiers suffered from combat stress after returning from war. Many soldiers came back only to fight another battle, perhaps harder than they had ever fought before...their own. Many struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and devastating physical injuries sustained during the course of their service to our country. Whether veteran or civilian, preserving our health and well-being is the number one battle we must all fight if we want to live the American dream.

Dr. Bose's mission is to use his knowledge and experience to reach people around the nation through education. Our Board of Directors will allocate donated funds to veterans and their families to help them fight their battles after returning from combat. Donated funds will be used to connect injured veterans with physicians. The motivating force behind is to progress education so that we can improve healthcare on a larger scale and to help patients that even Dr. Bose has not met; to throw a stone into an ocean of people and create a ripple effect for a healthier America.

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